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About "The ATCA Handbook"


Summary Third Edition 2011 - 415 pages:

The ATCA Handbook is a reference for the Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture, an open-standard blade

server. ATCA servers can support blades and components from multiple vendors in the same chassis. ATCA is

becoming widely used in the telecom, military environments and other sophisticated and/or critical applications

where high reliability (to 5 9's), environmental resilience and fast MTTR are important. This book explains the

concepts of ATCA and illustrates them with specific implementation examples and configurations.

Real-world considerations and issues are addressed, as are the various networking configurations possible.

The ATCA Handbook also contains reference tables, diagrams, a glossary and an extensive index, making it a

valuable day-to-day reference as well.



Although this book was sponsored by SanBlaze (ATCA vendor/competitor) this book was quoted as very good by

a number of other ATCA vendors and in particular by Peter Marek during one of his presentation at the

ATCA Summit in Santa Clara, California. Peter is Senior Director x86 Solutions Network and Communications Group

at Advantech Germany.


About the author:

David Simonson - Personal website

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